New York Tours - Travel the Big Apple City

New York City is the biggest city in the United States, with eight million residents. The attractions of the Big Apple draw almost more than 50 million visitors each year. When you have never been to Manhattan before, you may want some help seeing the sights. There are a ton of opportunities for New York tours throughout the city. All types of tours are available for guests to Manhattan.

First, different neighborhoods of New York City, such as the Financial District, Midtown Manhattan, Central Park, and Harlem, have walking tours, bus tours, bike tours, or carriage tours that offer a way to see an overview of the sights in an area either self-guided or with guides who know past and present information about that specific region of New York City, its buildings, people, and cultural events. Some tourists even take these types of New York tours to find certain attractions they want to investigate further later on.

Second, specific destinations have tours because of their cultural or historical importance or because they contribute to modern life in an interesting manner. For instance, there are two types of New York tours offered at Rockefeller Center. A tour of the art and architecture of Rockefeller Center itself offers a view of classic New York structures in Midtown. The operating studios of NBC are located in Rockefeller Center. Visitors can tour the studios, see backstage, and create their own news show in a mini-production studio. Other attractions, like the New York Transit Museum, also offer guided tours of their exhibits.

Third, some city tourism companies help travelers plan their trips by offering vacation planning guides and selling discount passes to a variety of city destinations. Hundreds of attractions in New York City have ticket costs. Discount city passes are purchased for a single price and allow access to all the attractions on the list without further fees. These companies help you plan your own tours of great NYC destinations.

When taking part in New York Comprehensive Tour, guests should be sure to travel safely. Attention should be paid to surroundings, making sure that no one invades a visitor's personal space.

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USA travel & Tourism in Buenos Aires

One of the most travel & tourism place in USA is Buenos Aires. It is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America, after Sao Paulo. It is located on the western shore of the estuary of the Rio de la Plata, on the southeastern coast of the South American continent. Greater Buenos Aires conurbation, which also includes several Buenos Aires Province districts, constitutes the third-largest conurbation in Latin America, with a population of around thirteen million. The city of Buenos Aires is not a part of the Buenos Aires Province, it is an autonomous district.
According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism has been growing in the Argentine capital since 2002. In a survey by the travel and tourism publication Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2008, travelers voted Buenos Aires the second most desirable city to visit after Florence, Italy. Due to the increase in the number of tourists to Buenos Aires and its favorable climate, there are more and more possibilities and activities to suit every tourist on every budget. These includes sporting events, tango tours of all caliber and to suit every audience (including dinner and museum), cultural tours (learn about Eva Peron, the most quaint cafes, museums, become familiar with the vast variety of old and modern architecture), pub crawls in the most popular neighborhoods of Palermo and San Telmo (ideal for fellow travelers to meet one another).

English is widely spoken in Buenos Aires, but in the provinces communication can be a bit more difficult so nowadays Spanish lessons and courses of all levels and for varying purposes are readily available to help tourists really make the most of their stay. Since the city has become a top tourist destination, the cost of internal flights has drastically dropped in the last couple of years, and tourists can now enjoy the more remote, northern areas of Argentina for a good price. Visitors may choose to visit a tango show, an estancia in the Province of Buenos Aires, or enjoy the traditional asado. The city also plays host to musical festivals, some of the largest of which are Quilmes Rock, Cream fields BA and the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival.