Teaching through iPad Technology

Math Help : At Dansville High School, the iPad is making calculus problems a little more accessible. It records students' work and voice as they work the problems out loud.

"You can just say what you were thinking out loud, so it is easy to go back and know accurately what you were doing," said Donny Duperow, a senior taking AP Calculus solver.

And if they need to do homework there is an app for do that.

"I will do the math problem on an app on my iPad and email it to them so they can really go online and watch the video and get direct help that way," said teacher Amber Cross, who uses her personal iPad at home to react to homework questions and in the classroom.

Now, every teacher in the Dansville School region will have an iPad credit to a blended learning grant made available through the Michigan Department of Education .

"For every single content area, for every single level, there are apps that will be for music, for art, for all.

The ipads come with teaching to help teachers maximize them as educational tools. "To be able to add that technology into the classroom is really stimulating," she said.

"In this day and age kids are just delimited with their technology, their phones and computers, and using the iPad is going to be a really good way for us to detain their attention and get that engagement."


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