A sailing yacht charter could be most exciting and peaceful

With a wide range of destinations available, such as the Caribbean, North America and the Far East, sailing offers the chance to experience natural landscapes that are unable to be seen or explored from land. There is often the opportunity to swim, snorkel or dive off the yacht, allowing those on board to observe marine life up close, as well as enjoy tropical waters. With different charter options available for sailing holidays, it is easy to find the best type of charter to suit those who will be on board.

For those who are still unsure about whether a sailing holiday is the right holiday, consider sailing in the UK over a long weekend, as this is the perfect way to experience what sailing can offer.

Crewed Charters

Many people who choose sailing holidays prefer a crewed yacht charter. This type of charter means that there is a full crew on board, the number of which will depend on the size of the vessel. For those who have no previous experience of sailing, this is an ideal way to ensure safety on board. Travelers on these types of charters may have to assist the crew with some of the basic on-board tasks, but there will be plenty of time to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

The type of yacht available for charter will often depend on the requirements of the travelers. There are different sized yachts available that are ideal for families or groups of friends as well as catamarans.

Bareboat Charters

A bareboat charter is the name given to those charters where an experienced sailor is required among the group. Because there is no crew aboard a bareboat yacht charter, all of the on-board tasks need completing by those who are renting the yacht. Not only does this include housekeeping such as cooking and cleaning, but also duties such as cleaning the deck and managing the rigging.

The experienced sailor will need to captain the crew to ensure task completion. Although this type of charter can be hard work at times, a crew will enjoy the challenge of working as a team to manage the yacht and of course, bareboat charters offer a great deal of flexibility around destinations and schedule.

Flotilla Holidays

A flotilla is a number of yacht charters sailing together. Although a group of family or friends will have their own yacht, they remain part of a flotilla. This means that there is independence as well as the security of being part of a group. Flotillas have a lead crew who provide a flexible schedule for the remaining yachts. They are also able to give advice and practical support. Being part of a flotilla offers the chance for crews to meet up at specified destinations for activities such as dining or beach parties.

With many destinations to choose from, as well as being able to select the most appropriate type of charter, this is now the time to have a change from the usual beach holidays and experience sailing.


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